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Convert wav file Cisco Contact Center Express with ffmeg

by on Aug.19, 2011, under Cisco

ffmpeg -i Sound1.wav -acodec pcm_mulaw -ar 8000 -ac 1 -ab 16 Sound1a.wav

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Get Cisco router interface index numbers

by on Feb.16, 2011, under Cisco

show snmp mib ifmib ifindex
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Disabling the mode button on the catalyst devices

by on Apr.24, 2009, under Cisco, Network

Disable the Express Setup feature so that the switch configuration cannot be deleted if the Mode button is mistakenly or maliciously pressed for 10 seconds.

In order to disable the Express Setup feature, issue the “no setup express” command in global config mode.

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Snoop with ssg

by on Feb.11, 2009, under Firewalls

SSGW-> snoop filter ip src-ip dst-ip
snoop filter added
SSGW-> snoop
Start Snoop, type ESC or ‘snoop off’ to stop, continue? [y]/n y
SSGW-> clear dbuf
SSGW-> get dbuf stream

SSGW-> snoop off

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fast “show run”

by on Jan.13, 2009, under Cisco, Network

conf#parser config cache interface
#show run

in privelege mode, type  “term len 0″

show run” or “show start” will be faster

show run brief

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Cisco SSH Configuration

by on Jan.12, 2009, under Cisco, Network, Security

conf# username cagri privilege 15 secret cisco

“creates a user in local database with privelege level 15 and encrypted password cisco”

conf#ip domain-name tugriceri.com

“sets a domain name for the device”

conf#crypto key generate rsa

“creates a rsa key. in the next step encryption bits will be asked. default is 512. 1024 is better”

conf#ip ssh version 2

“change the version of ssh to 2”

conf#line vty 0 4

“go under the virtual teletype ports”

conf-line#transport input ssh

“and change the login type from telnet to ssh”

conf-line#login local

“device will look at the local user database to log in a user”

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Bir Asa log u

by on Oct.04, 2008, under Firewalls, Security

Routing failed to locate next hop for icmp from outside…

Net1 de olması gereken bir host yada network net2 de tanımlanmış ise bu log ile karşılaşılır.  Host u fln silip doğru yerde tanımlarını yapmak lazım.

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Cisco Asa ssh enable

by on Oct.03, 2008, under Firewalls, Security

username emre password pas priv 15
aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

ssh x.x.x.x x.x.x.x external

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